stop it

every person has a right to ‘bone and you can never take that away

I have the right to demand fuckin soundproofing until his tone stops sounding like duck farts

When I was a kid, my parents made me take piano lessons even though I hated it. And since I hated it, I never practiced.

But some time before my first recital I realized I needed to get better or I would make a fool out of myself.

So I started to practice.

And then my parents came out of their room and told me that I should stop, so I never practiced again.

And that’s how my promising career as a pianist was destroyed at a young age.

This is incredibly depressing.

Somewhere,Underneath the many years of stinging fibers,You will find your gift.

Underneath the many years of stinging fibers,
You will find your gift.

Tegan & Sara’s “I Was Married” (Rabbit Remix by Stephan Nance & Adam Casual) (by Stephan Nance)



Spring, and still
Leaves have not all fallen from the trees…

Stephan Nance - Spring (with Angelica Sather Hodgetts) from A TROUBLED PIECE OF FRUIT (by Stephan Nance)

The Sound Narrows (original song on out-of-tune piano) (lyrics in description) (by Stephan Nance)

I found you through the knitting tag, just wanted to tell you I like your mittens. And I like your music.

Thank you so much! :D I’m glad you like my mittens and my music!

The song "Japanese Garden" mentions knitting and alludes to the sweater curse. And there’s another song I’m working on that has some interesting knitting references…

Anyway. Hi! Yay!

Juice in the Afternoon with Stephan Nance (Bike Music Tour, Life, Feelings) (2012-12-28) (by Stephan Nance)